This is the dream

Today while looking at different ministries we are interested in for possible partnership, I was on the website of one in Haiti. Thinking about ways that we might bring a usable skill or craft to the women, I looked at their Needs List. I clicked on the tab that said "Sewing" and on the list and it stated burial gowns.


My eyes filled with tears and I wanted to UN-SEE those words and go back to the picture of the cute little brown-faced girl I had just seen in her new pillow case dress. But there I sat, staring at my screen. 

Wondering what, how, why?  My heart is breaking for these mothers, families and caretakers who have to face this reality. But in a county devastated by the worst poverty, pummeled by natural disasters and governmental corruption; I imagine the need for a burial gown is all too common.

While this is only one small need for Haiti: you could easily substitute any "need" with a different country and the demand would be equally staggering. Questioning our own resources, time, skill or even desire; we are either moved to into action or inaction. And sometimes the shear immensity of such need can overwhelm, leaving us paralyzed by it’s enormity. 


Katie Davis said beautifully in her book, Kisses from Katie,
“It may take place in a foreign land
or it may take place in your backyard,
but I believe that we were each created
to change the world for someone.
To serve someone.
To love someone the way Christ first loved us,
to spread His light.
This is the dream,
and it is possible.”

So, we choose to go... and we choose to serve… and we choose to love.

For His Glory,

Lynde Griggs

Tiffany SavageComment